The annual movies festival “A month with the Italian cinema” is an awaited event for the island at the beginning of the spring season, between Carnival and Easter, and a weekly appointment for movies fans promoted by the Association in the context of the undertaken activities of cultural interchange.


The movies of the festival are screened entry free every Saturday night in the original language with greek subtitles.

Each projection is illustrated by a booklet distributed at the entrance that gives a brief overview of the film, including technical details, plot summary and critical introduction, and by a selection of frames from the movie exhibited in the foyer of the cinema.

A printed catalogue with the scheduled movies, many posters and daily adverts in the local radio complete the promotion of this popular activity of the Association, made with the collaboration of the Municipality of Leros.


8° FILM FESTIVAL  (28 February – 21 March 2018)

afisa 2018 web.2





    A cinematographic tour of Italy





7° FILM FESTIVAL (11 March – 1 April 2016)


afisa web






Pupi Avati: human fragility...




6° FILM FESTIVAL  (19 March – 9 April 2016)






   new talents of Italian comedy





5° FILM FESTIVAL  (28 February – 21 March 2015)






  tribute to Nino Manfredi





4° FILM FESTIVAL  (22 February – 22 March 2014)





   le grandi divefive women in the foreground





3° FILM FESTIVAL  (2 – 30 March 2013)




   retrospective David di Donatello to the best movie





2° FILM FESTIVAL  (3 – 31 March 2012)





   homage to the “italian-style comedy






1° FILM FESTIVAL (12 March – 16 April  2011)





   evenings with the Italian cinema







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