•       --  Setting up of a cultural, apolitical and non-religious, association no profit making.


  1.       --  Italian, Greek and other nationality citizens can be members of the association


      --  Object and purposes of the association :

          provide opportunities for Italian people living  permanently or temporarily in the island to meet and socialize

          - promote and widespread all aspects of Italian culture in the island

          - help Italian people living in the island socialize with each other and with Italian-speaking natives.

          - encourage cultural exchanges through musical, literary, artistic and entertainment venues


  1.    Μeans and ways :


      social activities

         --  celebrations and festivals

         --  organizing tournaments and sport competitions

         --  coordinating teaching of the Italian and Greek languages

         --  organizing convivial meetings as well as entertainment and socializing activities


      cultural activities

         --  broadcasting Italian films in original language with Greek subtitles

         --  coordinating and organizing live or recorded concerts of classical, modern and traditional music

         --  organizing conferences, seminars and debates about nowadays and cultural issues

         --  coordinating and organizing art exhibitions (painting, sculpture, photos)

         --  creating a library with books in various languages to be lent and exchanged for free











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