The international sailing race dedicated to the italo-hellenic friendship, organized by the Association in collaboration with the Nautical Club of Leros, represents the common ground where sportsmanship and cultural activity meet.


The first edition of the sailing race (May 22-27 2011), with the participation of nineteen boats under seven different national flags, and fifty-seven crew members from eight countries, was met with unanimous acclaim from all participants.

The race had received the patronage of the Italian Embassy in Athens and of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and had been included in the official calendar of the Hellenic Sailing Federation.

At the opening ceremony, the inaugural speeches were followed by a concert of classical music, that has emotionally involved an audience raptured by the artists’ performance.

Much appreciated by the participants in the race was the efficiency of the organising committee and the welcome reserved for boats and crews by the Municipalities of Patmos and Lipsi at the intermediate stages, with welcome on arrival at the dock and a party following the award ceremony.

At the closing ceremony, after the award giving, commemorative plaques were delivered to all the teams, the authorities and the sponsors, followed by a feast with traditional music and dances in traditional costumes.

For the second edition of the race (May 26- June 3 2012), more and longer stages have been scheduled, with a stopover in Turkey and a final race in the bay of Lakki.

Apart from the Cup offered, as in the previous edition, by the CVF to the last boat in classification, “Leros Cup” will be offered by the Municipality and “Carian Trophy” by AIAL.

The Organizing Committee anticipates a more numerous participation of boats and, apart from the concert of classical music that will end the opening ceremony, has planned an “italian night” on the eve of the race in Lakki and a “greek night” at the closing award ceremony.


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