The statutory purpose, represented by the italo-hellenic cultural interchange, is realized through numerous activities at high level, that promote the diffusion of Italian culture in many respects, but also intended to encourage visitors and residents "part-time" of various nationalities to learn about local history and culture, while promoting the architectural heritage of the island, a legacy of thirty years of Italian presence in the Dodecanese.

Numerous events obtained the patronage of the Italian Embassy and the Italian Cultural Institute, as well as Italian and Greek institutions, and many events got the collaboration of the Municipality of Leros and of local and national authorities and cultural associations.

We also promoted the achievement of a Network of Cultural Co-operation at national level, which aims to share out the economic and organizational loads, while optimizing the limited resources available for the realization of cultural exchanges in the territory.

We invite you to learn more about the cultural activities promoted, illustrated in the respective pages and grouped by theme in the different items of the mainmenu.


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