Leros, 19.12.1012



Preparations have started for the second international sailing “ITALO-HELLENIC FRIENDSHIP RACE” to be held in the waters of south-eastern Aegean.

The Italo-Hellenic Cultural Association AIAL and the Nautical Club of Leros, organizers of the race, have required the co-operation of the Municipality and the Port Authorities of Leros as well as of the Hellenic Offshore Racing Club.

As with the previous race, the support of the Italian Embassy in Athens and of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Turism has also been solicited and the race will be included in the official calendar of the Hellenic Sailing Federation.

The Nautical Clubs of Rome (CVF), Kalymnos and Bodrum, the Municipal Cultural Institutions of Leros and Patmos, the Cultural Association “Artemis” of Leros and the advertising&pr center ALPHAMAR will also collaborate in the organization.

As far as participations were concerned, the first organization of the race was particularly successful with 19 competing boats under the colors of seven different nations and with 57 crew members from eight countries.

In regard, there has been detailed reference in the June issues of the magazines “Leriaka Nea” and “Istioploikos Kosmos” (of the HORC).

For this year’s race plans have been made for a longer duration and route, divided in four offshore sections, as well as a final race in the gulf of Lakki.

The boats will set off from Leros on May 26 2012 and, passing successively from Patmos, Didim (Turkey) and Kalymnos, for total amount of around 110 nM, will reach Leros for the finish on June 3.

Additional trophies will be offered by the Municipality of Leros (“LEROS CUP”), the Nautical Club of Fiumicino (“CVF TROPHY”) and AIAL (“CARIAN TROPHY”).

Collateral events will include a concert of classical music at the opening ceremony on Saturday, May 26; an “Italian evening”, at the thanksgiving ceremony dedicated to the sponsors, on Saturday, June 2; and folklore shows at the different stages of the race and at the closing ceremony, when the prizes will be awarded.

Subsequent press releases and the official notice of race will be distributed to the sailing boats wintering in the Dodecanese and the adjacent coasts of Turkey, as well as to the nautical clubs of Italy, Greece and Turkey.




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