This short monograph is a valuable approach to rationalist architecture on Leros Island and, consequently, to Italian presence in Dodecanese between 1912 and 1943. It’s dedicated to all those who love the island and are interested in its architectural heritage, whether they are occasional visitors or habitual residents.

Few people know about the importance of the rationalist architectural heritage on the island that harbours the ‘new town’ of Portolago, today known as Lakki. Even those who know and visit Leros don’t have a clear idea of it and the natives generally underrate it.

Bernabiti and Petracco, the architects who collaborated to put up most public buildings in Dodecanese, achieved a successful harmony of lines in Lakki architectural structures.  The various buildings combine into a unique architectural continuum as regards both its global homogeneity and the plastic balance of each element.

The book claims to be a small contribution to the subject, intending to stimulate further developments and increase public awareness of the necessity to protect and develop this architectural heritage.

The historical synopsis put in context the events that led to the creation of Portolago/Lakki, an architectural heritage whose beauty and historical importance, however neglected, can’t be denied.


You can find the book on Libreria Kappa, Via degli Apuli, 63 - 00196 Roma, +39 06 3202695, , or in Leros at bookshops of Lakki.


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The book was presented at the opening of the exhibition 'The rationalistic architectural heritage of Leros'.




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