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ulyssesgazepresented in the exhibition are published on the book 'Ulysses' Gaze' which will be presented during the opening of the exhibition Monday, July 28th at the neo-classical building of the elementary school in Ag.Marina at 20:00.

You can find the e-book at the following link

The exhibition, which is under the patronage of  Dante Alighieri’s Athens Committee, will be open till August 4th 7-10 pm.

The book ‘Leros with the apostrophe’ by Fabrizio Manili will be presented at the exhibition closure Monday, August 4th at 20:00

thumb_lerosconlapostrofoYou can find the e-book and its printed edition at the following link.

We thank for the cooperation the Hotel Association of Leros, the agency AegeanTravel and BlueStar Ferries.



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