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celebrates in 2016 in Italy the 70th anniversary of the foundation as “Servizio Ricerca e Soccorso”, who became twenty years after the 15th Wing.

Currently the 15th Wing includes departments such the 84° Gruppo and the 147° Squadriglia who were previously stationed in Leros with tasks Far Maritime Reconnaissance on seaplanes Cant Z/501 Gabbiano and Z/506 Airone, and they are therefore part to the faraway roots of the Italian SAR.


After the historical events the last September 2015, with the inauguration of the restored Italian war memorial and the Italian, Greek, German and English historians’ meeting during the open ceremony of the exhibition “Life at the times of the batteries”, the association’s steering board deliberated to organize a historical event, dedicated to the Italian air force presence in Leros.


It was requested the patronage of the Italian Embassy in Athens and the Air Force, and the collaboration of the Municipality of Leros and its Technical Department.

It was also invited to a meeting the members of the Air Force Association and the Association "People of the 15th", as well as Italian and Greek associations of Re-enactors and collectors military veteran cars.


The program, compiled well in advance to enable the institutions concerned to organize participation, provides:

- Commemorative ceremony at the restored monument to the fallen of the Battle of Leros

- Placement of a commemorative plaque offered dall'AG15 °

- Brief ceremony at the historic chapel of St. George in the former arsenal

- Photo exhibition "The Italian Air Force in the Dodecanese and the seaplane base G.Rossetti" with an artistic section “Aerovisioni” of the post-futurist works by GiDiPi

- Historical conferences in two evenings on the themes "The seaplane base G.Rossetti of Lepida" and "Aerial activity over the Aegean Sea, 1941-45", to which will tack part many historians from Italy, Greece and Germany

- Projections of videos of the time

- Guided tours of the abandoned buildings of Lepida, some historical naval and anti-aircraft batteries and military installations

- Historical pageant and parade of military veteran cars

- Guided tours of historical museums Tunnel Merikia, Pirgo Belleni and “Deposito di Guerra”

- Guided tours of the Castle and the rationalist city of Portolago (today Lakki)

- Recital classic music by a trio (soprano, violin, piano) of italian artists


The calendar of events is specified in an online booklet (in Italian) and the  local travel agency LerosActive has prepared for the occasion three all-inclusive options (in English) with a basic stay six-day (open to anyone wanting to attend the event), conceived to facilitate the participation of Greek and Italian associations and those who want to take advantage of offers and discounts to enjoy an alternative vacation on the island.





A facebook’s webpage published for some update of technical details on event’s56_SAR_fb_rid2






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