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For the third consecutive year, AIAL organised the Italian Film Festival as part of the activities of the Network of Cultural Cooperation, and in tight collaboration with the Italian cultural centre of Athens. 

During the event, four unscreened movies with Greek subtitles was shown. 

This year’s festival was dedicated to one of the most renowned Italian Directors: Pupi Avati. 

Prolific director and screenwriter, Pupi Avati, now 78 years old, shows his high level of artistic maturity in this most recent production. Painting dramatic stories with a light touch, he reveals great sensitivity towards the common thread of these movies: the human fragility. 

In the background, subtle autobiographic references to the periods of the director’s earlier life, as well as several flashbacks of some of the protagonists and many references to his beloved hometown, Bologna. 

The film festival, with free entrance, this year was kindly hosted by the Crithoni’s Paradise Congress Centre every Saturday from  March 11th till April 1st.


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66 pupiavati fotodiscena thumb 66 1.unasconfinatagiovinezza thumb 66 2.lasecondanottedinozze

thumb 66 3.ilpapadigiovanna

thumb 66 4.unragazzodoro

thumb piegh unasconfinatagiovinezza

thumb piegh lasecondanottedinozze

thumb piegh ilpapadigiovanna

  thumb piegh unragazzodoro



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