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3rd edition of the Italian Short Film Festival



In the framework of the Italo-Hellenic Cultural Cooperation Network, under the patronage of the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens, the association proposes in Greece the 3rd Italian Short Film Festival "10 Corti in giro per il mondo " (Ten short around the world), included in the Tempo Forte, an initiative of the Italian Embassy with the support of the Greek Ministry of Culture.

The films, in the original language with english subtitles, are made available free of charge to all the embassies and cultural institutes of the world by the National Short Film Center in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

The movies are splitted into two evenings lasting an average of 1h15 ', and presents a selection of the most interesting and representative works made by Italian directors in the last two years in the field of comedy, drama and documentary.

In Leros the open air screening will take place on the terrace adjacent to the Artemis Association headquarters in Platanos on Sunday 29 July and Friday 3 August 2018.


[synopsis & trailer]



 v   Insetti, di Gianluca Manzetti – 2017 – 20’



A small insect triggers an alarm in an apartment. This small event will be at the origin of a meeting between the nephew of the owner of the apartment, the old and unstable neighbour and the eccentric concierge of the condominium. The three will find themselves imprisoned in a vortex of misunderstandings and violence in which everything can happen.








 v   Pastarelle, di Gianluca Manzetti - 2016 - 16’



Agostino and Annalisa form a rather bizarre young couple: Agostino is an aspiring actor affected by a series of obsessive rituals, while Annalisa is a sweet and caring girl, more mum than girlfriend and assists Agostino in all his initiatives, making the needs of the other her own.











v   Bismillah, di Alessandro Grande – 2017 – 14’ 



Samira is Tunisian, she is 10 years old and lives illegally in Italy with her father and her brother who is 17 years old. One night, she will face a problem bigger than her.








v   Koala, di Cristina Puccinelli – 2017 – 15’ 



A girl wakes up in a strange room, not remembering anything from the night before, not even when she sees the boy hosting her. Then she starts to be afraid.












 v   Yonder, di Roberto Cinardi – 2017 – 23’



Nathan has not seen anyone else for decades, since the bombs have fallen and life on earth has almost completely vanished. His is an empty world, but he is not alone.










 v   Birthday, di Alberto Viavattene – 2017 – 15’



Night. An abusive nurse wanders through the rooms of a nursing home. The only thing that she hates more than her job is the elderly. Entering room 12, occupied by three sisters, she discovers that one of them has just turned one hundred years: there must be a birthday present somewhere ... that will change their lives forever.








 v   Respiro, di Andrea Brusa e Marco Scotuzzi – 2016 – 7’



When a Syrian refugee has to cross the Italian border, she discovers that only one thing can save her: her breathing.











 v   Denise, di Rossella Inglese – 2017 – 15’



Denise is a teenager obsessed with the judgment of others. Conscious of being constantly observed by a camera, she shows herself to the spectator in a bold and provocative way. 







 v   Timballo, di Maurizio Forcella – 2017 – 17’



To cook the best dish in the world you need special ingredients...










 v   Ab Ovo, di Luca Ferri - 2016 - 25’



In a desert and hostile paradise, life is renewed and a promise of love in the shade of a solitary tree. Adam and Eve still have a chance, the last chance to heal and generate a new race of more dignified human beings.




















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