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         exhibition-meeting, open court of primary school  –  Lakki, Leros 14th sept 2015



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   TONY ROGERS (GB) - Battle for the Dodecanese (September–November 1943)

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    HANS PETER HEISENBACH (DE) - Air attacks against Leros (German bomber missions on the Mediterranean Theater of Operations 1943)

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   LUCIANO ALBERGHINI (IT) - The anti-aircraft warning network of Leros

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   MARKOS SPANOS (GR) - Βatteries today (video)














   PETER SCHENK (DE) - The Leros batteries under German rule

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    KOSTAS ASLANIDIS (GR) - The notebooks of miller’s Lali, a significant witness

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   PETER SCHENK (DE) - Otto Meister and the paintings at Diapori

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   ANDREAS GALANOS (GR) & PETER SCHENK (DE) - The day after (video AKH - M 766, feb. 1944 - editing by enzob. & M.Spanos)




















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