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The pages collected here wants to offer a basic information about the history of Leros and the Dodecanese during the thirty years of Italian administration of the archipelago and mainly of the island, and his postwar development throughout the last (almost) eighty years.

To those who would like to deepen the topics, we suggest to visit the large bibliography online and the related section on audiovisual material.




--  notes of history of Leros and the Dodecanese  --



“It’s necessary to take care don’t judge times and places faraway from us with the parameters prevailing today’s and here”.     

(Primo Levi)     

A people who don’t respect the own past don’t have future.     

[paraphrasing the well-known aphorisme by Indro Montanelli]  

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- short history of Leros

Leros and the Dodecanese during the thirty years of Italian administration


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- post-war evolution of Leros

From the german and british occupation till the new century





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- military buildings in Leros

Architecture and logistic of Italian military installations on the island





We should signal the following webpages of historical argument: p.fo toscana



-  The steamship Toscana in Leros 

Succinta storia di un piroscafo riconvertito a Leros in nave ospedale.





-  A forgotten radar’s forerunner: the aerophone 

Gli aerofoni, strumentali e strutturali, ed il comando difesa antiaerea e navale di Monte Patella.





- Premises, genesis and evolution of Sabaudia

La bonifica dell’Agro Pontino e Sabaudia dalla fondazione ad oggi nel numero della rivista ΛΕΡΙΑΚΑ dedicata al parallelismo con Portolago.









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